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We have a community based mindset where teachers, children and families work closely together to create a warm environment that promotes the development of our students. Our small center allows for purposeful interactions between teachers and children where creativity and imagination are honored.

Helping children grow

At SPCDC, children are safe, stimulated, appreciated, and receive the respect they deserve. Our program allows children to learn and grow at their own pace by providing them with activities and interaction appropriate to their development. We aspire to help children be responsible, self-confident, and sensitive to the needs of others. We encourage their lively imaginations, deep curiosity, abundant creativity, developing sense of inquiry, problem solving, and self-help skills in a caring atmosphere of respect for oneself, others, and our environment.

Through a child’s eye

At SPCDC, we look towards the children’s natural curiosity and interests to lead our discussions and learning. Teachers provide structured activities and opportunities to meet those interests in a developmentally appropriate way. Some of our activities include:

  • Integrated, Emergent Curriculum (more details at Curriculum)
  • Tactile play, such as sand and water play and sensory tables
  • Process-oriented art projects that focus on the doing
  • Circle time with sharing, singing, stories, and group discussions about topics of interest
  • Real life adventures such as field trips, gardening, and baking
  • Science explorations in our expansive, tree-lined yard and garden

Parents and teachers working together 

Families are asked to participate in volunteer hours each year. This helps to build a sense of ownership and responsibility amongst our families and teachers. We believe it takes a village to raise a child and encourage parent participation whenever possible. We welcome families to include us in cultural and family traditions.